Restaurant Food Costing

Every restaurant can benefit from proper food costing. Food costing is one of the most important elements for making your restaurant more profitable. Costing out your food enables you to have complete control over how much you spend on food and allows you to price your dishes for maximum profit, as well as good value […]

Food & Beverages

Food & Beverage Industry

Water filtration applications in a Food and Beverage facility In a typical Food and Beverage facility there are many different water and process applications, each demanding its own specific level of water purity. The presence, flows and purity of each of these streams is driven by the Food and Beverage plant design, e.g. canning, dry-goods, soft-drink, […]


The Best Raw Food Recipes

The concept of a raw food diet has been around for centuries. Many people and communities have experienced the astounding benefits that they can have on the body. But in a world where culinary excellence, taste, and flavor are prized, many recipes can seem bland and flavorless in comparison to their cooked counter-parts. So how […]