UK to double length of next Parliament to deal with Brexit

The British parliament will sit uninterrupted for two years, the United Kingdom government said, giving MPs more time to handle the legislative hardships of Brexit.Leader of the Commons, Andrea Leadsom said the move would give MPs and Lords the time needed to scrutinise forthcoming legislation.The leader of the Commons, Andrea Leadsom, said this would give MPs the maximum time possible to scrutinise legislation taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, which means the government will not put forward a new legislative programme next year.A formal deal has yet to be secured but Tory sources have said there is a “broad agreement” on the principles of the speech, and State Opening will now take place on Wednesday June 21 – two days later than originally scheduled.Ministers at the time argued it was to give Parliament more time to scrutinise the Government’s heavy legislative agenda, while Labour said it was an “abuse of power” created to ease the passage of controversial legislation.Each Parliament is usually divided into five parliamentary years called “sessions”, beginning and ending in the spring.Yesterday, the government announced parliament will sit for two years, instead of the usual one, as it prepares for Brexit.The two-year session will mean that the Government will not face a crunch vote next spring, when Brexit negotiations – which get underway tomorrow – will be ongoing.It will join a growing list of high-profile Conservative education policies that have become casualties Theresa May’s disappointing general election result and loss of majority.Among those laws is the Great Repeal Bill, which aims to scrap the European Communities Act from 1972 that officially took Britain into the EU and transfer EU law onto the U.K.’s statute books.The Queen’s Speech was also dropped in 2011 under David Cameron’s then-coalition government.”It will mean we can work together to deliver a successful Brexit deal and a strong social legislative programme that delivers justice and opportunity for all”.The speech will include the so-called Great Repeal Bill, which will move European law into British legislation, along with other Brexit bills on customs and immigration arrangements.