Actor Miles Teller arrested in Pacific Beach for drunk and disorderly behavior

The publication notes the cop took Teller to the detox facility regardless, but charged the actor with a misdemeanour for public intoxication after Teller still refused to cooperate.Actor Miles Teller was reportedly been detained for being drunk in public and refusing to cooperate with police. The police officer then put Teller in handcuffs.San Diego has a detox program where cops can bring intoxicated people to sleep off their inebriation on cots and be taken care of by volunteers. The cop offered to take Miles there but we’re told he refused. He was in jail for around 4 hours and he was released without bail.Late previous year, Teller and girlfriend Keleigh Sperry walked away unharmed following a vehicle accident in Los Angeles.”I and @keleighperry are ok”. The other driver pulled into oncoming traffic, and the bad accident was unavoidable.Teller, whose films include “Whiplash” (2014), “Fantastic Four” (2015) and the upcoming PTSD drama “Thank You for Your Service”, has not commented on social media and his representatives did not respond to a request for comment.Miles and Keleigh walked away from the crash, but two passengers in the Uber vehicle were admitted to a nearby medical centre, where they were treated for their injuries.