Kushner heading to Mideast for peace talks

Jared Kushner [VIDEO] is reportedly scheduled to visit Israel and Ramallah to meet their respective leaders to talk about achieving a long-lasting peace deal between the two Middle Eastern countries.The visits to Jerusalem and Ramallah by Kushner, a senior adviser to Trump, and national security aide Jason Greenblatt were widely reported on Sunday night, all citing unnamed White House officials.Palestinian Authority officials are cautioning Trump administration officials not to rush into direct, indirect or even “proximity” Middle East peace talks without a framework in mind that will govern where the effort is going, The Jerusalem Post has learned. The visits were first reported in The Wall Street Journal.Kushner will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netayahu in Jerusalem and with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah as a Trump envoy, along with Jason Greenblatt, an assistant to Trump and special representative for worldwide negotiations.Mr Kushner, who has been one of the President’s main go-to-guys for Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, has faced recent controversy after it was revealed that he had discussed setting up a secret back channel between the Kremlin and the Trump transition team.Israeli and Saudi Arabian leadership, on the other hand, have thrown cold water on the prospect of a swift public rapprochement between their two nations- an initiative that has excited Trump, as with presidents past- that would then somehow lead to an Israeli-Palestinian peace.It serves as a follow-up to the president’s visit to Jerusalem and Bethlehem in May, when he called on Israelis and Palestinians to pursue a peace deal. Also the investigation into Kushner’s business deals has not stopped Trump from deploying his son-in-law as his representative overseas.Trump and his close advisers have long held the view that the United States should play only a mediating role in any Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, with the parties themselves determining the subjects for discussion.According to the official, ongoing dialogue has been occurring behind-the-scenes since Trump left the region last month. “Let’s see if we can prove them wrong, OK?”