‘This Is Your King Speaking': Dutch Royal Reveals He Was KLM Pilot

Dutch King Willem-Alexander posing in front of a KLM Cityhopper aircraft at Schiphol Airport, near Amsterdam.The King will take a break from his pilot duties in order to learn to fly Boeing 737s, KLM’s upgrade of choice for its short haul fleet.Prince Philip famously gave up a promising naval career to be at the Queen’s side – but the Dutch King Willem-Alexander has carried on co-piloting KLM passenger planes as often as twice a month.”I find flying simply fantastic”, King Willem-Alexander told the paper in an interview. “I can always say that I warmly welcome the passengers on behalf of the captain and crew. You have responsibility for them”, the king told national newspaper De Telegraaf.You’d assume royal families would hermetically seal their highest-ranking members in underground vaults, on account of all the awful circumstances liable to befall those who don’t live in actual palaces. You can completely switch yourself off and focus on something else. He said it “seemed nice to fly to other destinations one day, with more passengers and bigger distances”, according to the BBC.King Willem-Alexander reacting during a visit to Tuahiwi Marae on November 8, 2016 in Christchurch, New Zealand.But just like Prince William over in England, Dutch King Willem-Alexander is actually mad keen pilot, and it’s now been revealed that The Netherland’s ruling monarch has been flying his citizens around without their knowledge.”Before Sept. 11, the cockpit door was open”.And when he makes pilot announcements to passengers, he does so anonymously rather than saying something such as, “Attention, subjects”. “Most people do not listen [to the pilot]”, he quipped to the newspaper. He was a search-and-rescue helicopter pilot for the British military and has flown for an air ambulance service. His younger brother, Prince Harry, flew Apache attack helicopters in Afghanistan with British Army Air Corps.Thousands of passengers on a European airline have been welcomed aboard flights by a friendly co-pilot in recent years.