UK Conservatives Make Local Gains Before General Election

“So it is far too early to predict, even from last night, what is going to happen by the end of today and it is five more weeks to the General Election”.However, Labour will be disappointed in its overall vote, especially in Scotland where again the Conservatives made gains, albeit from a low level of existing support.The Conservative party in the United Kingdom scored huge gains in local elections across the country on Friday, signaling that Prime Minister Theresa May’s call for the public to give her party a bigger majority in Parliament is making an impact.Ukip suffered a near-
wipeout, gaining just one councillor and losing in almost all the wards it was defending.The Prime Minister sought to fight any complacency among Tories, insisting that she was “taking nothing for granted” when it comes to the General Election on June 8.The Tories gained over the Opposition Labour party in numerous council seats and confirmed pre-poll forecasts of a Labour battering, largely blamed on the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.”Theres a long way to go, theres a lot of work to do, we have got to work for every vote out there to make sure that we return Theresa May with a clear mandate on June 8″, he said.One of the most detrimental council losses for the party was Glasgow, Scotland’s biggest city and once the staunchest of Labour strongholds. We know this is no small task, it is a challenge on a historic scale.The Conservatives now hold 51 seats, Labour have 10, UKIP have lost their only seat and the Independents have had their two seats cut to one.May said after the results came through: “Only a general election vote for the Conservatives will strengthen my hand to get the best deal on Brexit”. “But we, the whole Labour movement and the British people, can t afford not to seize our moment”.The results sparked a furious reaction from the party’s former donor Arron Banks, who said Ukip was “finished as an electoral force” under its current leadership.The Conservative candidate for the new “metro mayor” post for the West of England, Tim Bowles, beat Labours Lesley Mansell by 51.6 per cent to 48.4 per cent, registering another major win for the Tories.The Friday results also show that the Liberal Democrats won 441, down 37 and the UK Independence Party (UKIP), which pushed for Britain’s exit from the European Union, suffered the most, losing all 114 seats it previously had.