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How Mood Affects Food

Did you know that we’re vibrational beings? In fact, everything has a vibration; our bodies, our furniture and even our thoughts. A vibration is “energy”; a moving, swirling vortex of power that brings us up into a better energy state or a down to a lower energy state. This depends on whether we are sending out positive “vibrations” or negative “vibrations”. We emit a vibration every moment of every day.

Happy people send out a high vibration, and unhappy people send out negative vibrations. We love hanging out with high-vibration people because of the high vibration they’re emitting and we want to avoid low-energy people because they’re emitting a low vibration and you know it, either consciously or subconsciously.

Where are we getting this vibration? Our vibrational energy goes up or down based on the foods and beverages we consume, toxins in our body, people we surround ourselves with and our emotional as well as mental conditioning; you know, the rules we were raised with. Some things have a high vibration for one person; let’s say high school memories. The same thoughts and feelings about high school memories may provide great vibrational energy for one person because of the great times experienced, yet they may be a low-vibration for someone else because of unique-to-them unhappy experiences.

So, if everyone and everything has a vibration, and it does, so does food. The higher the quality of foods, the higher the vibration of these foods. When we’re feeling happy, confident and healthy, you’ll more easily gravitate to higher quality foods. Some foods could be high-vibrational and healthy for one person, yet be low-vibrational, and unhealthy to another. For example, strawberries could enhance one person’s health and it could interfere with another person’s health and energy levels. This is where everyone is unique.

But when we’re stressed, depressed, lonely, tired; we’ll find ourselves more easily gravitating to low-energy or no-energy foods, possibly those comfort foods from our childhood that we thought connected us to the love of our family.

Or, there could be foods that quickly raise the brain chemicals that have been falling or have become imbalanced because of stress. High carbohydrate foods, salty foods, fatty foods, pop and chocolate are the common ones that come to mind.

And it’s a vicious cycle. Someone starts off on a health program, yet before the day or the week is over, they give into certain comfort foods, despite their best intentions. They can’t understand why, when they’ve made a commitment to health, they can’t even make it through the 1st week, which is why many New Year’s resolutions fail.

Also, when the blood sugar in the brain becomes depleted, it overrides your conscious mind with its good intentions and it demands instant energy. Our brain requires a variety of specific nutrient-dense foods to balance it again. But we’ll generally choose low-vibrational quick-energy foods in a crisis situation because the wisdom of the brain says “I need fuel NOW”. Unfortunately, it’s that instant low-vibrational foods that raise it the quickest. So, what and when you eat is crucial to maintaining a high vibration in your mind and body.
How many eating disorders, depression, obesity and stress issues are connected to imbalanced hormones, deficient brain neurotransmitters, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, amino acid deficiencies or toxicities in the body which travel to the brain through our bloodstream?

We really are our own best research projects. We need to be present and attentive to our habits, our thoughts, our feelings and of course, our actions.

Those are the healthy foods you always keep on-hand, foods that you want to gravitate to in restaurants, at parties; anytime, anywhere. It’s the foundation of a solid healthy eating program. An abundance of different coloured fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, lean proteins, nuts & seeds, healthy fats and healthy beverages help to create a healthy body. This makes sense, doesn’t it? Also, when you keep your emotional vibration high, you’ll more easily stay on track with high vibrational foods. Not to say that you can’t have a little fun food once in a while, but typically those of us on the health path choose high quality foods most of the time.


Trigger foods are generally cookies, pastries, creamy carbs, ice cream and other dairy products, salty foods, chocolate, pop (especially with aspartame); all things that you’ll find on the low-vibrational chart. The more stressed you get, the more you may find yourself gravitating to these foods.

Do you find yourself craving any of these foods? Well, the truth is, most people do. According to my friend who specializes in eating disorders, about 95% of the population stress or comfort eats, either a little or a lot.

I knew a lady, whose dad was a baker, and he brought home fresh warm bread as a treat when she was a child; in other words, that equated to food being love for her. As an adult, when life got stressful or overwhelming, bread, and especially warm white bread, brought back the love and she felt safe and comforted again. Do you have a food that brings back the comfort of love for you? The next question to ask is this: is it healthy or nutritionally lacking?

Here’s another example: Have you ever hurt yourself as a child and then heard your mother say “Oh honey, don’t cry. It’ll be all right. Here, have a cookie.” My job for many clients is to reprogram them to healthier self-loving habits that’ll serve them so much better. The parents were unknowingly programming their children to stuff their feelings and these now-adults are still stuffing their feelings with cookies. That’s called self-sabotage OR a softer name is called
stress and comfort eating.

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