China to Boost Military Spending

Fu said that the 2017 defense budget increase accounts for about 1.3 percent of GDP.China’s real military spending will nearly double between 2010 and 2020, reaching $233 billion a year by the end of the decade, according to a report in December by IHS Jane’s, a provider of defense information and analysis. Just days after US President Donald Trump outlined plans to raise American military spending by around 10pc, a spokeswoman for China’s parliament told reporters that future Chinese expenditures will depend on US actions in the region. “A lot of people in the military won’t be happy with this”.In 2016, the country raised its defense spending by 7.6 percent – 954.35 billion yuan ($138.4 billion).The precise figure for the 2017 defense budget will be provided by Premier Li Keqiang during his speech at the NPC on Sunday morning. TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline to be exempted from ‘Buy American’ provisions
Steel (X) CEO Mario Longhi at the White House last week. “This took place while I was getting ready to sign”, he told CPAC. Steel Corp CEO Mario Longhi that the Keystone and Dakota pipelines “have to” use “steel made in this country”. Past year normally talkative military delegates to parliament largely declined to talk to foreign media about the slowing rate of military spending, saying they had been ordered not to speak to foreign reporters.Ms. Fu said recent talks with China’s neighbors had eased those tensions, a position Beijing has repeated often in recent weeks as Mr. Trump has suggested he will take a tougher approach toward Beijing on trade and territorial issues.For major powers like the United States and Japan, 7 per cent would be too high an increase “because of their apparently adversarial security relationship” with China, he said. The budget grew by 7.6 percent previous year and 10.1 percent in 2015. Still, China’s announced spending is widely believed to understate the real amount. This is seen as a second attempt by Chinese president Xi Jinping to capture the moral high ground since his recent announcement at the World Economic Forum that China would stick to the path of globalization despite protectionist tendencies in the US.”But in the meantime, we must also have the capability to defend our sovereignty, our rights and interests”, she said.”In particular, we need to guard against outside meddling in the disputes”. A breathless nation awaits the birth of a giraffe
In a video posted on the zoo’s Facebook page, Jordan Patch blamed “a handful of extremists and animal rights activists”. He added that the initial timeline for the birth – based on April’s breeding behaviour – may have been slightly off. “Thus the key question we should really ask is whether we are pursuing common security or exclusive security”, Fu said. China has never caused harm to anyone. “There is a huge gap between China and the United States in capability”.Trump then publicly questioned U.S. support for the one-China policy, alongside constant criticism of China’s currency tactics, threats to slap punitive tariffs on Chinese goods, and bluster over China’s military build-up in the South China Sea – all of which are believed to have reinforced the concerns of the nation’s top leaders who prize stability and predictability as top priorities.China also for the first time sent its sole aircraft carrier into the Pacific for exercise in December, according to Chinese reports.Seeking a more streamlined fighting force, China plans to complete the cutting of 300,000 military personnel by the end of the year, shifting the emphasis away from the land forces and toward the navy, air and rocket units.”But this development also reflects Beijing’s ambition to impose its supremacy over Asia by giving itself the means of being a credible power”, he said. Colbert jeers Trump’s ‘surprisingly presidential’ speech to Congress
Stewart pointed out that the media, throughout the primaries, was obsessed with Donald Trump. He joked about Trump breaking up with the media – “KICK. An arms race between China and the U.S. is unlikely and wouldn’t serve China’s interests, Wu said.