How Restaurants Are Rated

Mobil’s rating system of restaurant consists of five different grades or ratings, each one which has its own set of criteria and expectations. A Mobil One-Star restaurant, for example, is a restaurant which provides an experience which is distinct through local flair, individual atmosphere or culinary specialty. A Mobil Two-Star restaurant is a restaurant which […]

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How Mood Affects Food

Did you know that we’re vibrational beings? In fact, everything has a vibration; our bodies, our furniture and even our thoughts. A vibration is “energy”; a moving, swirling vortex of power that brings us up into a better energy state or a down to a lower energy state. This depends on whether we are sending […]


Restaurants Kinds and Characteristics

Broadly speaking, restaurants can be segmented into a number of categories: 1-  Chain or independent (indy) and franchise restaurants. McDonald’s, Union Square Cafe, or KFC 2-  Quick service (QSR), sandwich. Burger, chicken, and so on; convenience store, noodle, pizza 3-  Fast casual. Panera Bread, Atlanta Bread Company, Au Bon Pain, and so on 4-  Family. […]


The Joy of Cooking Food Recipes

Food recipes have long sense evolved from the grandma’s cookbooks, or the rolodex of favorite recipes. We now live in the information world where you can download the latest copy of a recipe for that favorite restaurant of yours. The joy of cooking is to create delicious food. Remember that picture of you cooking with […]


Why a Whole Foods Lifestyle is Critical For Your Health

Statistics show that more and more people are developing diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. While some of these conditions do have hereditary influences, there are ways that people can be prevent many diseases by simply adopting a healthier lifestyle which includes making healthier food choices along with incorporating regular physical exercise into one’s […]

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Understanding Food Allergies

Food allergies are a common issue among many individuals. Many medical professionals state that if a person lives a full life, they are likely to experience at least one reaction to a certain food and/or ingredient used in a food or beverage. Food allergies are really simple to understand. Basically, when a certain item is […]