Blac Chyna shares staggering weight loss after giving birth to baby Dream

Neither Rob, Chyna or the huge Kardashian family has confirmed or denied the rumors but considering that the once engaged couple haven’t been seen together in a while it may be true. Fortunately, Dream’s mother wanted to silence the rumors herself and immediately responded in a very original way to prove she was not pregnant with Rob Kardashian. The couple who dated for three months before announcing their engagement via Instagram on April 5 continued to enjoy happy days as they broke the news of Chyna being pregnant with their first child, daughter, Dream Renée Kardashian. Chyna posted on Snapchat that she’s already more than a third of the way to her goal weight, and it’s only been four months since she gave birth to baby Dream. Chyna had arrived at her best friend Amber Rose’s son Sebastian Taylor’s fourth birthday party.An insider told People magazine: “They split a while ago”. “They are both trying to be mature about it”. French expats go mad for Macron as would-be president visits London
Hariri Monday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was a “more reassuring option” to govern Syria than the Islamic State. Ms Le Pen said: “I clearly explained that in the political picture the least bad option is the politically realistic”. The Rob & Chyna star seems to be in a sentimental mood recently. Chyna and Rob then fought it out on social media. Sharing a photo of her feet standing on a scale, Chyna revealed that she’s lost 40 pounds.Though Chyna at one time said she wanted to “gain like 100 pounds” while pregnant, she’s clearly on a different jam now. The shocking bit of report is based on the picture which shows Blac Chyna’s allegedly visible baby bump. Islamic State vows more attacks on Egypt’s Christians
The narrator explains that Christians were no longer “dhimmis”, or non-Muslims in Islam who benefit from state protection. Instead, the group describes the Christians as “infidels” who are empowering the West against Muslim nations. Blac Chyna has celebrated her 40lb weight loss with a nude photo shoot.”The 5′ 2″ mother-of-two also shared that she is hoping to lose 20 more pounds by Summer 2017. Murder Probe Strains Malaysia-North Korea Ties
Malaysian police confirmed the victim had complained to airport personnel that two women had “wiped his face with liquid”. The drama erupted last week as Jong-nam prepared to board a plane to Macau, where he has been living in recent years.